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Is your child...

-struggling in reading or math?

-losing confidence?

Are you...

-unsure of how to ease these struggles?

-wanting your child to become confident and successful?

I'd love to help.

I know that when a child is struggling academically, it not only impacts academic achievement but also self-esteem, engagement, motivation, and often, relationships with peers and family.


It's frustrating to see your child struggle in these areas. I understand that you have your own unique concerns for your child's growth and success, and I'm here to provide the support that you and your child need. 

I believe learning should be student-centered, interactive, and fun! I provide personalized, engaging online reading and math intervention that is tailored to meet your child's individual needs and interests in a unique, "gamified" learning space.


With my help, I am confident that your child will be able to reach their academic goals.​

Welcome to
You Shine Learning!

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I help students in

Kindergarten through 5th Grade


in the areas of math and literacy.



I firmly believe that all children can become skilled in math. I also recognize that math anxiety is real, not only for young students, but for adults as well. This is why it can be so challenging to know how to support your child on your own.


It's important for children to be taught explicitly in ways that help them visualize and understand math. This is why I use a Concrete, Representational, Abstract (CRA) approach to support students.

  • Concrete: We use physical (and/or virtual) objects to make math concepts more tangible and easier to see.

  • Representational: We create models like drawings or diagrams to represent math concepts. 

  • Abstract: We use numbers, mathematical symbols, and standard algorithms to note and/or find solutions to the math.

It's important to realize that a CRA approach is not a linear, static process. I help my students realize that it's completely fine to move flexibly within these strategies. Each tool helps them gain a true conceptual understanding of math and enables them to apply these skills in real life.

I also offer plenty of experiences with practicing math in the form of games. This is a motivating and effective way for students to develop, practice, and solidify math concepts.

Through these experiences, your child develops a toolkit of strategies that will lead them to gain a

true conceptual understanding

so they can become an accurate, efficient, and flexible mathematician!

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Knowing how to support your own child with reading challenges can feel like a daunting task. I'll support you and your child by assessing them, identifying their most pressing needs, and using strategies that align with the most current research in the Science of Reading. Your child might need help in any or all of the areas below:

  • Phonemic Awareness - Is your child able to hear, identify, and manipulate the individual sounds that form words? This is the basis for learning phonics which leads to reading whole words and learning to spell.

  • Phonics and Spelling - Does your child understand the relationship between sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes)? This lays the groundwork for confident reading and spelling abilities.

  • Fluency - Does your child read words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs smoothly, accurately, and with expression? Strong fluency builds a greater understanding of texts.

  • Vocabulary - Does your child understand the meanings of words and their parts (morphemes)? A strong vocabulary has been linked with overall reading proficiency and the ability to think at higher, more abstract levels.

  • Comprehension - Does your child understand what they read? Ultimately, this is our goal! 

Whether your child is just getting started on their literacy journey or is an older student who needs help filling in the gaps,

I'm here to support them!

Individualized, structured, gamified learning!

I use a unique online learning platform known as Koala Go.

It's a very "kid-friendly", engaging, interactive, and fun 

alternative to platforms your child may have used in the past.

Learning can, and SHOULD, be fun!

Does your child love the ocean, dinosaurs, or travel adventures? In the whiteboard, the co-browser, and the virtual "gamified" learning world known as the Koala Go Playground, your child will be immersed in multisensory learning experiences that I tailor to meet their

individual needs and interests.


Your child will develop phonics skills, read connected texts, build vocabulary, learn comprehension strategies, and practice math facts, standards, and strategies all in a space that feels "like them."

This personalized, exciting approach is highly motivating—and, most importantly, leads to increased confidence and academic success!


My students and I absolutely love working together in Koala Go,

and I'm confident your child will love it as well!

Beyond Academics




True success involves more than just academic growth.

I truly believe in the power of your child stepping back and taking time to look at

the responsible and purposeful actions they are taking to create this success.

So that your child can take an active role in this process, I want them to have everything they need at their fingertips. I'll create a personalized portfolio for your child that contains:


  • The Koala Go link to our digital platform so that your child can be responsible for joining class when it's time to join.

  • A “Session Message” so they are prepared for the activities we’ll cover.

  • A “Learning Reflection” that your child and I will complete together at the end of each session.

  • A "Goals and Grows" component where your child will reflect on their learning process and progress as well as determine areas in which they'd like to grow. This helps your child develop a growth mindset and realize that they are capable of creating success!

  • "Practice at Home" activities and links.

  • Screenshots and work samples from our sessions so that your child can share what we've been working on.

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