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Services and Pricing

In addition to the time I'm working with your child with their math or literacy needs, my services include:

  • ongoing assessments

  • individualized learning paths

  • access to various instructional websites when applicable

  • ongoing progress updates and communication

​35 Minute Sessions

  • $40 per session

  • Great for...

    • very young students

    • students who would benefit from shorter, more frequent sessions due to needs with focus or attention

    • students who need more intensive support in one area (Literacy OR Math) and can meet more frequently (3-4 times per week)

    • students who need support in more than one area (Literacy AND Math) and have availability to meet multiple times across each week

      • For example:

        • Mondays/ Wednesdays- Literacy/Reading

        • Tuesdays/ Thursdays- Math


​50 Minute Sessions

(Single Academic Area)

  • $60 per session

  • Great for...

    • students who need support in one area (Literacy OR Math)


​60 Minute Sessions

(Single or Multiple Academic Areas)

  • $70 per session

  • Great for...

    • students who need support in more than one area (Literacy AND Math) 

    • students who need a combination of intervention and homework help with current schoolwork in one area

Selecting a Session Option

In order for students to make progress and reach their goals, it is important that we meet consistently and regularly.


In my experience, meeting a minimum of 2 sessions a week leads to the greatest progress for most students.

After hearing your input and meeting with your child during our consultation, I can help you determine which session option I feel is most beneficial for your child's growth.

We'll consider factors such as:

  • Your child's age

  • The amount of time your child can typically stay focused

  • The number of subjects your child needs support with

  • Your child's availability

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